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Lazy Betta? Or sick?

MessagePosté: 30 Juin 2018, 15:32
de spadekevin

My SFS is in a 10 gallon tank with 2 Bristlenose Catfish. I"ve had him for awhile but he seems to have become even more lazy than usual. I know Bettas like to laze about, but he is spending all of his time behind the filter or draped over a tree.
He used to be in a larger tank with other fish. I wonder if he was more active then because he had to keep an eye out on the other fish? His tank is also now on my bureau so I have to kneel down to look inside. Do they like to be higher up? I'm just tossing ideas out. Does anyone know what I should look for in terms of whether he is sick? Or is this just natural Betta behavior?

Please help.

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Re: Lazy Betta? Or sick?

MessagePosté: 22 Mar 2019, 17:50
de Cyril
Je vois ton message seulement maintenant désolé.

Ici c'est un forum français peu de personnes parlent anglais.

Re: Lazy Betta? Or sick?

MessagePosté: 25 Mar 2019, 07:08
de dinelo
Hi Harry,

Bettas are sometimes lazy like that when the water is a bit too cold. What is the temperature of yours ?

To know if he is sick, can you tell us if his veils are tight and look hard, or do they tear themselves? Xoikd you send us a picture?

Maybe he is annoyed by the water movement. Does the filter brew it hard or soft ? If it's too speed, you can try to low it or to break the water direction with a stone in front of the way.

Maybe he just misses solicitations. You could help him with a small mirror placed in front of a corner of the tank so he can see himself when he goes there and get excited by his look.

I hope my ideas and my English are understandable. Do not hesitate to keep asking.

Re: Lazy Betta? Or sick?

MessagePosté: 25 Mar 2019, 07:32
de Cyril